Band Bios

Ron Vieira – A sly lead guitar player in the vein of Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, and Slash.

Gear- D’addario strings- .010-.046, Dunlop tortex 88mm picks, 1985 Laney Pro Tube/AOR series 30w amp, 1996 Crate Blue Voodoo 120w amp, 2001 Gibson ES135, 1997 Gibson Les Paul Standard.
Dunlop Cry Baby/model 950 wah ped, MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive, Boss Chromatic tuner TU2, Monster Cables.

Denny Russo – A old school rock drummer who has been performing with LWJ for yrs now and still rocks the back beat strong today.

Gear – I use A Gretsch 5 PC Renown maple Drum Kit ,Gibraltar drum rack, Pork pie Snare Drum, all Gibraltar hardware, Sabian cymbals, vic firth, SP, And pro mark, 5A Drumsticks. Evans G2 drum heads. Road Runner Drum bags.

Chris “C-Rex” Ward – A solid bassist with the technical essence to play hard or lay in the background being the glue that holds the songs together.

Gear-  I have used “original” (pre-acquisition) Eden amps for years, & Fender “J” Basses.