Lone Wolf James in Manchester, NH on 10/28/11


Lone Wolf James in Newburyport, MA on 08/12/11

Lone Wolf James in Fitchburg, MA, Central Mass Expo Center on 09/05/11

Lone Wolf James in Plaistow, NH on 05/13/11

Soundtrack projects in the works

LWJ will be soundtracking two different projects. First is a vampire/witch movie. The second is possibly a documentary on Salem, MA. LWJ may have a spot in the movie as well. Stay Tuned For Details !

Call DJs and Request to hear LWJ

LWJ was played on the rock station WHEB last night!

We need your help to keep it happening. Please email the DJs listed below and DEMAND to hear LWJ! That is how it gets done..period. It worked for Buddy Holly. It worked for Godsmack. It can work for us!!

If not ..we will start calling them!

Keep your ears on the following FM rock stations to hear LWJ’s new cd Voodoo Moon!!

Please contact them and request, request, request LWJ !!!!

WAAF 107.3fm “Baystate Rock” – Sun 11pm-1am

WFNX 101.7fm “Boston Accents” –  Sun 8-10pm

WHEB 100.3fm “Local Licks” – Mon – Fri 11:30pm

FRANK 106.3 fm – Sun 8pm



Lone Wolf James in Cambridge, MA on 04/29/11